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Noi Noi


Indulge in our selection of delectable Deserts, the perfect sweet treat to complement your beachside experience.

Yoghurt with Honey 0 0
Yoghurt with Honey, Fruits and Nuts 0 0
Waffle with Nutella 0 0
Waffle with Nutella and Crushed Biscuits 0 0
Waffle with Nutella, Crushed Biscuits and Fresh Banana 0 0
Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream 0 0
Cheesecake 0 0
Apple Pie 0 0
Kadaifi 0 0
Nut Pie 0 0

At Noi Noi, our Deserts category offers a delightful array of traditional and modern sweet delights, crafted to satisfy your cravings. From the creamy richness of Yoghurt with Honey to the indulgent Waffle with Nutella, each desert is a testament to the flavors of Crete. Enjoy a Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream or savor the homemade texture of our Cheesecake and Apple Pie. Our Kadaifi and Nut Pie are nods to our heritage, each bite a blend of centuries-old tradition and contemporary culinary artistry.

sweet traditional modern yoghurt waffle nutella chocolate cheesecake apple pie kadaifi

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