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Baguette tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise

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Baguette tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise 0 0

A classic sandwich with a Mediterranean twist, featuring tuna, crisp lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise on a fresh baguette.

Tags: sandwich tuna lettuce mayonnaise baguette mediterranean fresh lunch beach noi noi

Allergens: fish gluten eggs soy

Ingredients: baguette tuna lettuce mayonnaise

Our Baguette tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise is a testament to the simple pleasures of Mediterranean cuisine. A freshly baked baguette forms the perfect base for the rich flavors of tuna, complemented by the freshness of crisp lettuce and the smooth texture of mayonnaise. This sandwich is ideal for a quick lunch or a light dinner, capturing the essence of the seaside with every bite.

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